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Brianna Mai-Cambodia

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Introducing Brianna Mai, Universal Woman Cambodia 2024!

Meet @briannamaii! Hailing from Lowell, Massachusetts, Brianna isn’t just a dance instructor; she’s a guardian of Cambodian heritage. With over two decades of dance experience, she believes in the power of dance to preserve and share cultural richness.

As an instructor with the Angkor Dance Troupe, Brianna’s passion for preserving Cambodian culture runs deep. She sees dance as a bridge to encourage others to embrace and experience the beauty of her heritage. Her commitment extends beyond the studio; she’s pursuing an MBA in healthcare management to ensure quality patient care in hospitals.

Brianna’s journey is fueled by her desire to empower future generations with knowledge of their roots. She strives to protect and share Cambodian traditional dance, fearing its loss from the cultural landscape. In her free time, she finds solace in traveling and cherishing moments with her beloved dogs.

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