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Camila Santiago-Chile

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Introducing Camila Santiago, a beacon of hope from Valdivia, Chile  At 30, she’s not just a Resident Surgeon in Psychiatry but a tireless advocate for social change.

Camila’s journey is fueled by a passion for helping others, leading her to volunteer in various projects and now, focusing on mental health.

Today, she stands at the forefront of the battle against depression, anxiety, and more, offering support to those marginalized for their neurodivergence or sexual orientation. Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed – she’s been honored with the Rodulfo Amando Phillippi Medal for her Autism research and even worked on COVID vaccine development during the pandemic.

Now, Camila embraces a new challenge: representing Chile internationally with @universalwchile. Together, they aim to showcase the resilience of Chilean women and make a difference worldwide. Join us in supporting Camila as she fights to build a brighter future for all.

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