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Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera -Puerto Rico

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Introducing 25-year-old Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera [ @elainemarierosado ] Universal Woman Puerto Rico 🇵🇷.

A Business Administration graduate with a focus on Accounting and Finance from UPRB, Licensed CPA in Florida, USA, Harvard & Yale programs alum, Senior Associate at PwC, breaking barriers in a field lacking diversity.

As the first female president of UPRB’s Financial Management Association, Elaine co-founded the 1st Financial Empowerment Summit, bringing free financial workshops to over 150 students 💸

Passionate about diversity, she actively serves on committees, contributing to free mentorship programs for minority leaders.
Elaine’s recent success includes launching her first Airbnb property, showcasing dedication to financial independence through real estate. Founder of Self-taught Women in 2021, she educates and empowers women in personal finance and growth opportunities.


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