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Orange Ning-China-Hong Kong

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Introducing Orange Ning from Universal Woman [China-Hong Kong] 🇭🇰

Orange Ning, a Chinese Medicine Physician, embodies a vibrant blend of passion and purpose. 

With a professional background rooted in holistic healthcare, she channels her energy into the realm of fitness. 

From challenging herself in CrossFit to enjoying the rhythm of indoor spinning and Zumba, Orange is committed to nurturing both body and mind. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Orange embraces community engagement, finding fulfillment in events where she can grace the runway with style and showcase her talents, such as calligraphy. 

Her dedication to wellness, coupled with her zest for life and creativity, serves as an inspiration to all. Let’s join together in celebrating Orange Ning’s diverse talents and her unwavering commitment to health, fitness, and community enrichment.

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