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Yanira Jimenez-Gibraltar

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Introducing Yanira Jiménez, the embodiment of grace, ambition, and kindness, representing Gibraltar in the Universal Woman 2024 competition! 

As a waitress and receptionist, Yanira is not only dedicated to her profession but also a passionate student eager to soak up knowledge and give her all. 

With a love for sports, fashion, and beauty, she continuously strives to grow as a woman and as an individual, proud of her journey towards independence and maturity. 

Yanira’s ultimate dream is to be crowned as Universal Woman, a title she believes will allow her to showcase the best version of herself – cultured, virtuous, and beautiful. Sociable, empathetic, and kind-hearted, Yanira treats everyone with equal respect and warmth. 

Let’s rally behind Yanira as she embarks on this incredible journey

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